Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Knitting ropes


Ever wonder how to "hand" knit ropes?

Here is a video guide and tomorrow I'll post a step by step picture guide:)

And there you go! the ropes on knitting ropes!
now you can too!:)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Beastly haircut

Hello hello

While searching up pictures of haircuts, I actually came across this interesting hairstyle collection
The series of haircuts features different types of animals such as a giraffe, a dog, a rhino, an elephant, a seal, etc.
I found it pretty interesting that even though it makes such a powerful impact, it is balanced with its subtle side. It almost just morphs into the actual hair.

I reckon it is a pretty interesting concept that the soft, flexible hair is manipulated with gel, and perhaps other types of chemical to stiffen the hair to create these defined shapes for the animal features.

This semester, I really want to experiment with the subtle but powerful effect through design.

There is a beast up in my hair

toodles till later

source: http://www.interestings.net/?p=1060

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Image sources: http://odetopurpur.blogspot.com/
 Hello hello

Since we're on the topic of beast, that includes dinosaurs right?
well.. really, how would you describe the word [beast]?

mm.... scary, beauty and the beast, weird, big creatures, dark, night, wolf, animals,furry creatures,
a dinosaur maybe? or even a gremlim?

I reckon they can be pretty darn cute!
if we tame them
Check these little "beastly" bags from Giles

who ever said gremlims can't be cute!!

How about a Triceratops! >.< Such a cute and fun interpretation of a perhaps "beastly" creature

check out the post I wrote a while ago on my main blog
Distorted Frames Giles Gremlim feature
toodles till later