Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The different weights of heavy.

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This is the video I filmed for studio, titled [The different weights of heavy]
I wanted to explore different ways to define heavy.
The video documents various interpretations of the word "Heavy," beginning from a more literal definition to a symbolic representation.

The video consist of 5 short clips of different "weights" of heavy
1. The video begins with falling paper which is an interpretation of layering to create physical weight.
2. The traffic is a idea of heavy, for example, "heavy rain," "heavy traffic"
3. The folding paper and 4. the half frozen ice, are representation of the illusion of heavy. The paper transforms from a 2D flat surface to a 3D shape hence giving off the false illusion of increasing weight. The half-frozen ice, goes through a similar process, where a liquid goes through the process of becoming a solid but still basically having the same weight.
5. The final clip is of a piano piece titled [Flood Time], consisting of broken chord, this is a representation of the feeling of heavy. Not literally banging on the piano to create perhaps a physical feeling of heavy rather with broken chords to create a state of mind of heavy.

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